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2 Select & Email info@kobemotor.com

3 Advanced payment

4 Shipping

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1. Register with us to check the stock list with the price.

2. Select the stock number you have interest and send the mail to info@kobemotor.com with your country , port you need to ship the vehicle, your information with address and telephone number (consignee name /name which should reflect on all the documents B/L,Invoice).
3. We would e-mail you the invoice for an advance payment of 30% of the total cost CIF OR C&F (subject to change on country regulation).
4. Once we confirm on the advance/first payment we would proceed shipping of the order on the first available vessel (fast shipping assured) ,once the shipping is completed , B/L copy would be e-mail or faxed to you.
5. Once the balance is cleared all the original documents would be sent by DHL courier service. NOTE: It's adviced to clear the balance atleast one week before the arrival of the vessel to avoid port storage charges and KOBE MOTOR COMPANY is not reponsible for port storage charges for the payment delay by the customer or the bank and not subject to discount in any case.